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December 2013

Social Recruiting

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As time moves forward social recruiting seems to be more and more popular, and possibly even more effective. In 2011 a research study tested the number of candidates applying for a job and how they found the job opening. Majority of visitors found the job postings on corporate websites but…

Tips for Enhancing Workplace Communication

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Communication is a very important part of becoming successful in the workplace. Whether you’re a CEO, supervisor or simply working a low-entry position you need to be good at communicating with others. The difference between getting a raise and getting passed up could be determined by how well you communicate…

Why You Should Give Small, Frequent Bonuses

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Though it may sound surprising, money doesn’t top of the list of things employees need from a company to know that they’re appreciated. Instead employees look for qualities in a company such as respect, appreciation, freedom, creativity and flexibility. But at the same time, money still plays a pretty big…

Multi-State Minimum Wage Increases

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The following States will increase minimum wage rates:   Minimum Wage Rates Increases State From To Effective Date Arizona $7.80 $7.90 01/01/2014 $4.80 (For Tipped Employees) $4.90 California $8.00 $9.00 *07/01/2014                    Connecticut $8.25 $8.70 01/01/2014 Florida $7.79 $7.93 01/01/2014 $4.77 (For…

The Importance of Active Listening

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No matter what your position in the company might be active listening will always be an important part of your job. By becoming a good listener you’re more inclined to have people like you, and to have others find you influential in their life. Because after all, if you’re taking…

5 Ways to Tell An Employee is About to Quit

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When an employee is happy with their job, it is rather obvious. They will appear to be friendly, hard-working, they’ll meet deadline, and even strive to take on extra opportunities at work. And just as obvious as a happy employee, is one that might be contemplating quitting their job. Though,…