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March 2014

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

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While running a business can be full of aspects entrepreneurs love there are some aspects that aren’t much fun at all. One of these tasks a business owner could do without is running a payroll every two weeks. From keeping track of employee hours, making sure they get paid on…

Top 5 Reasons to Fire an Employee

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As a business owner it’s important to understand what type of employees you need working in your place of business, the type of behavior that is and is not accepted from employees and when it is the right time to let someone go. The rules on firing are rather strict…

Common Performance Review Mistakes

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It’s important for companies to continually communicate with employees to let them know how they’re doing and where they may be going with the company. When you speak with them you help boost performances by offering feedback and reviews. Sadly, many HR professionals aren’t taught how to properly give reviews…

10 Signs You Work in Human Resources

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Working Human Resources is a job that can offer many fulfilling opportunities. Besides, you can’t find another job where you can work directly with people to ensure their happiness while working with conflicting needs of management. It takes a certain type of person to work here, and it isn’t easy…

3 Ways to Make Employee Engagement More Social

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In every organization employee engagement is very important. However, in many, it is low also. Despite all the resources put into engagement initiates there are still many issues. This is because traditional engagement efforts are used by managers mainly and use much of employees time with little change. So basically…

Feedback in the Workplace

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In the environment it’s important to have a consistent flow of feedback. Even if all the feedback you’re receiving is negative, you’re learning what NOT to do, which can help a lot! Some of the most common and helpful feedback include: • Objective data and metrics • Reports • Peers…