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May 2014

Managing a Drug-Free Workplace

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Employers have taken steps to guarantee employees, vendors, and customers are not taking or using alcohol or drugs, selling drugs, or affected by the after effects of indulging in alcohol or drugs outside of the workplace during non-work time. They also encourage employees with substance abuse problems to seek treatment,…

Better Productivity? Frequent Performance Reviews

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It’s a good idea to hold regular performance reviews since after all, time spent equals money spent. So, you want to waste as little time as possible, this includes getting the bad habits your team may have dispersed as quickly as possible. When your company’s performance reviews are shorter and…

Improving Performance While Sleep-Deprived

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Whether your night was filled with stress, never-ending thoughts, traffic, crying babies, snoring, energy abundance, time changes or pure restlessness you still have to get yourself motivated for work the next morning. And sometimes it’s a never-ending cycle. If you find that you and/or your staff is coming into work…

HR Success Kit

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Working with Human Resources isn’t any easy job. In fact you’re constantly dealing with difficult situations and it takes a certain type of person to work in this industry; someone who is patient, calm and overly organized. So, if you’ve decided you have these qualities and you’re looking to become…