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June 2014

Is Your Applicant Lying To You?

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When administering interviews as an employer, your objective is to learn more about the applicants and hire the best individual for the position. For the applicant, their goal is to discover whether your position is the right fit for them and to convince you that they are that best person….

Reevaluate Your Learning Methods for Employees

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As the workload increases interdependent and collaborative, important implications for employee performance and development arise. Against the backdrop of this new, more networked environment looms a big opportunity for learning functions. Namely, learning and development will be better able to harness the collaborative nature of work to drive business value….

When to Give a Raise

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Exhausted, underpaid and under-appreciated is the current disposition of many workers across the country. The disparity between CEO’s compensation and that of front-line workers is also a constant source of tension, especially in larger corporations. According to the AFL-CIO[1], the CEO-to-worker pay ratio is now at 331 to 1, compared…

Obamacare Could Save Thousands

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The Affordable Care Act’s first open-enrollment period ended in April 2014, but some laid-off workers still have the ability to secure Obamacare coverage via a new resolution by the Department of Health and Human Services. This extension could confirm to be a betterment for some businesses. In a disclosure issued…