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July 2014

Red Flags That an Employee May Be Moving On

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Every employer knows the hiring process can be a nightmare.  Sorting through the various applicants is an incredibly time-consuming task and there’s no guarantee that you won’t wind up getting burned after hiring a new employee.  And that’s not even taking into account the financial impact of turnover and training…

CEOs Do Not Have to Make Decisions Alone- Include Employees!

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CEOs that make quality and speedy decisions increase the productivity of an organization- with or without basing it on complete information. Employers must not only make good judgments themselves, but also grow the decision-making abilities of his or her team, facilitate decisions that support the corporate strategy, and build buy-in…

Keep Employees Ecstatic by Including Happy Thoughts

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We know that people don’t leave bad companies; they leave their manager or current situation. So as the team leader, you have the power to engage and retain staff. The members of your team can be your greatest promoters when they believe that you are working to make them more…

Company Policy vs. Employee Rights

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This is America- we have a right to privacy! It’s none of my boss’s business what I do on my free time, right? Yes and No! Businesses care about an employees’ private behavior for a variety of reasons. The company may have a code of ethics, setting standards of behavior…

Adaptation to New Roles in Business

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Adaptation is a trait all employees need to possess. In today’s economy, everyone is moving around from one company to the next. We’ve accepted that employees don’t stay in one role for life and one of the challenges that comes with that is to handle new situations that you haven’t…

The Never Ending Confusion over FLSA

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To this day, you see articles were companies are compelled to pay back wages over the simple misinterpretation of paying overtime. The Fair Labor Standard Act is probably the most miss understood labor laws. Or is it? Many companies, especially in the early stages tend to believe they can pay…