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August 2014

Constructing a Fun Workplace

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Face it- being in the same environment for eight hours a day five days a week can become pretty boring and repetitive- of course you don’t want to say that out loud. You, the employer, are probably pretty aware of that. Why not surprise your employees and redesign your workplace…

What is the Vacation Policy in your workplace?

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You know that employee that’s always buried in their work and never takes a day off- even when they are sick? Do you ever wonder why they ignore the thought of taking their well-deserved, well-needed annual paid vacation? Despite paid time off, believe or not, most are afraid you will…

Strategies for Creating a Powerful Workplace

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The world is filled with organizations that have great strategies but less than 15 percent execute those great strategies. Organizations that are very successful at building and sustaining powerful workplaces focus on creating and sustaining a winning workplace culture. If we get the culture right, we can create the conditions…