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September 2014

Employee Wants and Employer Needs: Finding a Balance on Flexibility

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You will never find an employee that doesn’t love having a career where they feel they are respected as an individual. Companies are willing to compromise with their employees to making them feel comfortable and happy, especially, if it escalates productivity. Employers expect sales and productivity and employees want flexibility…

Common Issues that Limit Productivity in the Workplace

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There are many elements to running a company, but most companies are stuck in repetition and boring ways. There are a lot of unexplored strategies for better management and communication to maximize your productivity in the workplace that most employers are aware of, but do not follow through. CHANGE The…

Meetings and Communication in the Workplace

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We all are aware that meetings are a necessity when running a business. However, there are many ways workplace productivity is compromised that employers are unaware of. The most compromising issue is the time actually spent in meetings. In this article you will learn some ways to maximize productivity and…