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October 2014

2015 Social Security Wage Base Increase

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The Social Security Administration recently updated the maximum taxable wage base that will be used to assess employment taxes and cap monthly retirement benefits in 2015. The new rate is $118,500, which represents a 1.28% increase over this year.

Being Biased in the Workplace Could Cost You

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Playing favorites in the workplace just isn’t professional at all and could potentially land you in a lawsuit for discrimination. Not only can playing favorites be illegal, it can also decrease sales and productivity. Displaying favorites in the workplace minimizes incentives for those employees that actually deserves better perks than…

Maximize Time Management in the Workplace

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How you spend your time in the workplace is a huge factor on how productive your workplace can be. Time management defines how long it takes you to complete task and organize your priorities. Using time management wisely in the workplace is the most important thing you can do to…

Importance of Communication with a Remote Employee

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Managing employees is no easy task, especially if your have remote employees. Managing a remote employee requires more motivation and dedication, than an on-site employee, to make sure they feel they have an important role within the company – even though they aren’t actually in the office. There are a…