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November 2014

Additional Projects in the Workplace: Finding the Positive

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We often talk about how taking small steps for good time management and prioritizing with to-do lists will help you have successful workdays. We also talk about how staying organized in the workplace is helpful when trying to get work done. But what happens when you can’t organized, because everything…

Successful Employees vs. Unsuccessful Employees

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Becoming successful takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you hate your job, you will never be successful – unless you fake it real good. Successful employees put themselves out there, because they are driven toward achievement. They are not afraid to stand out and take on risks…

How to Make Employees Love the Workplace

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There are several reasons why an employee may quit working at a company: Being bullied by other employees No room to grow within the company Leave the company for better pay Want more benefits These are just a couple of reasons why an employee may leave, however, the number one…

Steps to Resolving Problems between Employees

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Not every day in the workplace will be a walk in the park, every now and then you will need to resolve issues between employees. Develop a call-to-action plan to solve problems, before they occur, will help when a problem actually arises. A call-to-action plan will allow you to find…

New OSHA rules going into effect January 2015 will impact you more than you think….

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Under a revised rule, effective January 1, 2015 employers will be required to notify OSHA of work-related fatalities within eight hours, and work-related in-patient hospitalizations, amputations or loss of an eye within 24 hours. California businesses have been operating under these new rules already. Previously, OSHA’s regulations required report of…