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December 2014

A Workplace to Call Home

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We always talk about how first impressions can have an effect on job interviews, meetings, personal perceptions, etc. The way others perceive you influences negative or positive thoughts. In this article, I am going to flip the situation around and talk about a company’s first impression on new employees. Employees…

What can Your Employees Learn from Each Other?

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Back in the “old days” it was easy for employees to give lectures to other employees, because it was easy for workers to stay at a single company for 30 some odd years. But that story has changed. In today’s workplace, companies are hiring a variety of workers and every…

Employee Rights: Discussion about Pay

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I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Don’t talk about your wages to coworkers!” Usually employers tell their staff members this due to the differences in wages amongst employees – they don’t want employees to feel underpaid or underappreciated, nor look like they are playing favorites. Regardless, the National Labor…

Solutions to Overwhelming Tasks in the Workplace

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Every employee wants to make a great impression in the workplace, often taking on additional tasks, unfortunately, sometimes the workload can become too much to handle. Employees often become overwhelmed, frustrated, and irritable compromising performance and productivity. What are the steps you can take to find solutions for an overwhelming…

Why Should Your Company Outsource Payroll?

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Many business owners get in over their head with the overwhelming elements of running a business, such as, tax laws and regulations, keeping records of every employee, and fraudulent activities, all of which cost businesses time and money. Business owners don’t always have time to calculate and disperse payroll expenses,…