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January 2015

Great Manager vs. Bad Manager

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Running things around the workplace is a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Employees do not fully understand the important roles that managers have to fill to keep the workplace running efficiently and smoothly. As most of the professional world knows, there are great managers and there are…

Leadership: Ways to Manage Under Pressure!

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Unfortunately, as a leader, you go through stressful situations and, most of the time, you manage them well. Occasionally, you find yourself in a rut and things get out of hand. How you handle stressful situations is a reflection of your leadership. Here are some strategies to keep in mind…

Investing in Your Investment: Pre-Hire Assessments

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Managing Talent begins prior to the actual hiring of an employee.  The steps that Hiring Managers take during the recruitment and vetting of employees can add value to the way a company manages that talent throughout the employee life cycle. What is in your “tool kit” as far as hiring…

Successful Leadership: What does it take?

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Being a successful leader is a tough role to fill. Knowing what the leadership role consists of is the first step to becoming a successful leader. You must be willing to take charge and manage employees. Some leaders have what it takes to be successful and some do not. But…