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February 2015

Thought Managers and Leaders Were the Same? Think Again!

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Leaders and managers are not the same thing, but they are roles that complement each other in the workplace. A successful workplace cannot function without either role. There are roles that have the control and there are roles that need to be controlled, however, without one you can’t have the…

A Guide for Employee Concerns Regarding Insurance Programs

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Many employees do not know too much about their employer insurance programs. There are several underlying concerns that many employees have about what benefits their employers offer. When choosing what insurance program is best for the employee and their family, the process can be very confusing. Here are several concerns…

Success Starts with Employee Training Sessions

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I’m sure most new employees would agree that their training session lacked the supervision of a manager. Very often, new employees are trained by other employees, while the manager taking care of other aspects of the workplace. Many companies do not realize the importance of manager involvement in employee training…

Stop Putting off Deadlines in the Workplace!

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If you have a workplace anything like Wall Street, it is total chaos – Papers flying, phones ringing, people talking, etc. It seems no one ever takes a breather. Taking a short break is fine with these moments become overwhelming, however, neglecting tasks because you are overwhelmed is not good….