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March 2015

Unemployment Claims? A Guide to Sifting Through Them

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It is no surprise that employers are responsible for terminating employees for legit reasons, but often they don’t realize what they feel is viable grounds for an employee to receive unemployment benefits doesn’t mean unemployment agencies feel the same. Because the employer bears the burden of proof that an employee engaged…

Employees Omitting Distraction to Focus More on Productivity

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Distractions in the workplace always occur: Phones ringing, employees talking, cell phones, staplers stapling, meetings, fax machines, typing, and so on. So how are employees supposed to focus on productivity with all distractions? It doesn’t matter what the distraction is, it still affects productivity. There are several strategies employees and…

Contingent Workers: A New Trend for the Workplace

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There’s a new trend invading the workplace and it isn’t not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon: contingent workers! It may seem silly, but contingent workers have become a necessity for the modern workplace. Contingent workers consists of anyone that is isn’t a full-time employee within the…