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July 2015

How to Deal with Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

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Negative employees can cause a huge decline in morale for your other employees, which in turn can have a huge impact on how well your business meets its goals and bottom line. Surprisingly, these employees aren’t usually the ones making big mistakes. This can make it harder to spot bad…

Qualities to Look for in Your Employees

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Keeping an eye open for potential standouts in the workplace is important for any employer but there are certain employee qualities that are essential to look for. At some point you will need one of those standouts to step up to the plate and into a position requiring more responsibility….

“Good Boss Diagnosis” – Do you have it?

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Many employees love their jobs, they just don’t like their bosses. Good talent is hard to find and, believe it or not, your management skills is what is keeping your great employees around. If you don’t have a manager with “good boss” traits then your employees will discover this and…

Managing Employees Who Have Family Members with Special Needs

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Special needs in the workplace is not a new subject, in fact, the NLRB takes special needs in the workplace very seriously. The NLRB ensures that employers are meeting the needs of employees with disabilities, but unfortunately, are not always there to monitor employer behaviors and how they meet the…

July is labor poster month…

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July is typically the start of the fiscal year in many states. And with that, new regulations and laws go into effect on July 1st. This year is no exception. Eleven states have increased their minimum wage and adopted various new labor rules.  California enacted a mandatory sick pay law….

Employee Handbooks: The NLRB is Taking Charge Again

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It seems employers just cannot get it right! The NLRB is cracking down on employers again, this time they are aiming toward social media. Employers are actively preventing employees from using social media in the workplace. Do employers have the right to prevent employees from using social media or is…