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October 2015

Don’t Be A Boss, Be A Leader

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Every once in awhile it’s good for managers to take a step back and examine their leadership style. This allows you to see what’s been effective for your workplace as well as what aspects you could improve on. While a boss is technically someone that supervises employees, this doesn’t necessarily…

Don’t Ask These Age Related Interview Questions

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When it comes to interview questions, managers and HR professionals know that they have to be very careful to avoid asking anything that could potentially send them to court. One of the most common ways that the interview process could head toward dangerous territory is when it comes to age…

Attracting the Best Job Applicants

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Businesses who are in need of new employees want to know how they can get the top talent to apply for their jobs. An essential key to success for businesses is their employees so it’s only natural that everyone wants the best of the best. HR professionals play a crucial…

Preventing Wage and Hour Lawsuits

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Almost 25,000 wage and hour complaints are filed each year to the Department of Labor. The number of Fair Labor Standards Act cases filed in the federal court has increased more than five times over the past 20 years. The DOL has hired 600 more wage and hour investigators to…