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January 2016

A Clean Workplace is a Productive Workplace

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Many scientific studies have proven time and again that working in a disorganized and cluttered space causes stress and distraction. If you’ve noticed that your workplace is looking a little worse for wear, managers and HR professionals will want to whip the space back into shape sooner rather than later….

Tips for Pre-Employment Background Checks

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The hiring process can be stressful yet exciting for HR professionals and managers. Once you’ve gotten through the piles of applications and resumes, you actually get to focus on meeting and interviewing candidates, one of whom will eventually become an employee. While prepping for the interview is certainly important, you…

How Leaders in the Workplace Build Respect

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Being a leader in the workplace is so much more than sitting behind a desk and delegating tasks. All the best HR professionals and managers know that they need to build a reputation that garners respect from the whole team. However, there’s a fine line between being likeable and being…

Your 2016 Business Resolution: Focus More on People

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The absolute most important thing to any company is people. Without people your business can’t thrive. Both your customers and your employees build your company up. Unfortunately, especially around the holidays, it can be easy for managers and HR professionals to forget this fact and get caught up more in…