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June 2016

Why Are Your Star Employees Quitting

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HR professionals and managers know that employees leave their jobs for numerous reasons. Sometimes big life changes, like moving to a different city, getting into a new field, or staying home with the family, make it impossible for the employee to stay even if they love their job. These situations…

Creating A More Environmentally Friendly Workplace

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Being environmentally conscious is on everyone’s minds these days. Many cities and companies around the globe are making changes to reduce their footprint and keep the planet healthy. Managers and HR professionals in all types of businesses are finding ways to reduce waste and make the office more energy efficient….

Payroll Data Processing announces Hanover Insurance as a new Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Carrier

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Press Releases

Tampa, FL – June 15, 2016 – Payroll Data Processing, an HR Payroll platform designed and built for the independent agent, is pleased to announce the addition of Hanover Insurance’s EZPay pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation program. PDP’s president, David Volpi, “We are very excited to add Hanover Insurance to already formidable…

Changes To The Overtime Rules And How They May Affect You

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Thanks to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), workers are guaranteed overtime pay at time and a half for any hours they work beyond the standard 40-hour work week, with exceptions to the rule based on the duties of the employee. Exemptions exist for executives, professionals, administrative employees,…

The Positive Effects Of Mobile HR In The Workplace

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Almost everything has gone mobile these days, even human resources management. Recent studies have shown that HR applications are now twice as likely to be accessed on smartphones rather than on computers. As such, it makes sense that mobile HR is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. What…

Warning Signs of Low Morale In The Workplace

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Managers and HR professionals often feel like they have a growing to-do list. Even if you cross one thing off, another five tasks take its place. This means that sometimes low morale in the workplace can go unnoticed. Most HR professionals and managers have great ideas for treating low morale,…