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November 2016

5 Obstacles of Being an Entrepreneur and How to Overcome Them

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Entrepreneurs will spend a lot of energy planning each step of their business plan. The business responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur are vast and challenging, but the personal responsibilities are just as important. Some of the obstacles that will hold a business owner back are psychological. These are…

5 Keys to Successful Collaboration

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Even the best leaders can struggle with collaboration. You must take the lead on the project, run the meetings, develop the project plan, and deliver a great finished product. It can be extraordinarily challenging, but an equally rewarding experience. By keeping a few points in mind you can dramatically increase…

6 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

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People in a positive environment flourish in their lives and careers by building more meaningful relationships and connections. Being positive and showing gratitude go hand in hand. When you are more positive employees become more resilient to stress and know their work is appreciated. The holiday season is a joyous…

Voters Approve Measures to Raise their State’s Minimum Wage

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Tuesday’s elections was good news for workers in Maine, Colorado, Washington, and Arizona. Voters approved measures to raise their state’s minimum wage. The need for a national $15 an hour minimum wage is quickly becoming irrelevant, with most states setting higher minimums than the U.S. anyways. Colorado will also give…