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January 2017

Behaviors to Quit to Become a Better Leader

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The major reason managers fail is surprisingly not from a lack of competence, knowledge or experience. Countless books and research studies have told us over several decades about what good leaders do and don’t do. But there are certain behaviors that should be avoided by anyone in a management role….

The Importance of Employee Training and Development

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Companies are wary of training their employees. The fear for many companies is that they spend time and money developing people, only to see them take those newly acquired skills to another company. Studies show that this is not the case. Training actually can increase employee retention, when the training…

How to Build a Team of Advisers

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Successful people know the importance of having a team. It’s never too early in your life or career to surround yourself with good knowledgeable people. People are more than willing to help us accomplish our goals than we may think. In fact, they want to help. The hard part is…

Strategies to Make Resolutions a Reality

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The New Year is a time to take stock of the previous twelve months and make plans for a better future. Too many people start the new year making outrageous projections for themselves, and their business. Business leaders get overly ambitious when they set goals for themselves, and end up…