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April 2017

Keys to Human Resource Planning

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A solid business model will always include good human resource management. Without proper human resource management, your productivity and strategic goals will suffer. Here are key goals for solid human resource management: Planning Effective planning keeps resources and overhead waste to a minimum. The recruitment, rehiring and retraining process cost…

Firing an Employee for Violating Company Policy

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Employees need consistent company policies to guide them on their roles and responsibilities. At some point these rules are bound to be broken by one of your employees. When this happens, you’ll likely have to enforce the rules with some form of discipline. Here are some tips on being prepared…

6 Keys to Improving Your Time Management

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The key reason why it’s important to always have time management skills. Each day your objective is to move one step close to accomplishing one or more of your goals. Plan for a big pay-off in productivity by the end of the work day. Don’t allow your day to be…