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October 2017

How To Prepare for Employees Holiday Vacations

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Companies will be fielding multiple requests for time off for the next few months. If it’s not managed properly it can prevent businesses from delivering to their clients and customers. When it comes to managing employees during the holidays, a few strategize can make easier to handle these time off…

Tips for Leading Your Team During Your Busy Season

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Every company experiences crunch time. Your businesses busy season or large orders can cause lots of stress for your employees. With the right help and support from management your team can successfully get through the rush. Here are some tips for leaders to help employees during your busy season. Remove…

Creating a Successful Employee Recognition Program

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Employee recognition programs are a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Creativity is key when it comes to creating a successful employee recognition program that keeps your employees motivated and satisfied. Rewarding and recognizing your employees doesn’t have to be boring or costly. With…

2018 ACA Reporting Requirements and Deadlines

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The “Skinny Repeal” that promised to eliminate the individual and small business mandates of Obamacare was unsuccessful. Obamacare and its reporting requirements still applies to employers with 50 or more full-time employees (as defined under the Affordable Care Act). Here are some of the requirements and deadlines for employers under…

Strategies for Leading Under Pressure

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All companies go through times of stress and high pressure from time to time. Strong leadership is needed to guide your team through these times. How you handle stressful situations is a reflection of your leadership skills. Here are some strategies to guide your team under pressure: Recognition Everyone likes…