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5 Ways to Boost Workplace Morale


5 Ways to Boost Workplace Morale

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Jan 10 2014

Workplace morale is a key factor to workplace productivity, and employees who are mentally and emotionally engaged are those who most successfully reach their potential to work well not only alone, but with others as well. Here are five ways to boost the morale of your workplace.

Say thank you. It may sound a bit dull, or too good to be true, but saying thank you is very important in keeping high morale in the workplace. Whether you’re telling everyone as a group thank you for keeping the company alive or sitting down individuals and personally thanking them for their kept, a thank you is a thank you. People like to feel appreciated, especially by their higher ups.

Don’t be the boss that only complains of poor performance while never thanking your crew for a job well done.

Have fun. I’m not saying you have to be fancy with the fun, but you don’t want all work and no play – that would make the entire office a dull environment. Plan small events: cater in lunch occasionally, celebrate birthdays and company milestones, maybe even plan company picnic for employees’ families.

Offer encouragement & advancement. Just as simple as an easy “thank you,” is being appreciative and encouraging. Maybe tell Johnny he’ll break his own record next week, let him know you’re noticing his hard work and encourage him to continue. Also, offering small bonuses or higher job placement is important to employees. Sending employees to training seminars and important meetings makes them feel valued to the company and for their knowledge.

Do team building activities. Team building activities are proven to boost morale in companies, along with creating strong relationships between employees. When employees work together doing more “fun” activities they tend to become more productive together as a whole. They learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they learn to trust one another. This helps everyone grow and learn from each other.

Ask for feedback. Employees feel valued when their opinions are asked, and taken seriously. There are many different ways to ask for feedback whether it’s asking someone face to face, taking anonymous surveys, suggestion boxes or brainstorm meetings. You never know who is hiding an idea that could launch your company out of the water.

By doing each of the above things you will create a strong, productive team that is filled with workplace morale. This is good for your customer relationships, employee relationships and growth of your company.