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5 Ways to Tell An Employee is About to Quit


5 Ways to Tell An Employee is About to Quit

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Dec 03 2013

When an employee is happy with their job, it is rather obvious. They will appear to be friendly, hard-working, they’ll meet deadline, and even strive to take on extra opportunities at work. And just as obvious as a happy employee, is one that might be contemplating quitting their job.

Though, a little less direct due to the wide variety of signs that may occur. Here’s the good news, if you catch on early enough, maybe you can keep your team and prevent your employee from leaving the company.

1. Lower Productivity. If you’ve noticed that one of your employees has dropped their productivity an increasingly amount, it may be that they are about to quit. However, don’t jump to this conclusion right away as they may just be under stress, be very tired or be in a temporary state of depression from home activities.

2. Less Interaction. As I mentioned above, happy employees will be friendly! If an employee has gone from their friendly self and over time turned into a less talkative more reserved soul. This is very normal for those who are about to quit their job, as they try to remove themselves slowly from the company so there is less emotional impact when they put in their notice.

3. Calling Off Work Often. When employees go from missing 1 day of work per year to 1 day of work per two weeks, something is probably going on. Always be sure that your employees aren’t having any health issues before assuming that they’re skipping their job to attend job interviews for future placement.

4. Daydreaming of Better Opportunity. Employees who are degrading of the company they work for may just be searching for a new place of employment. If they are making comments on another company’s compensation, perks or benefits and comparing it to their current employer there is a good chance they are looking around. After all, you wouldn’t be talking about how great looking and hilarious another woman is if you’re already married, would you? Unless of course you were thinking of leaving.

5. Sudden Anger. Often times it is difficult for employees to figure out a way to resign their position. After all, you will feel like an ungrateful child as you say goodbye to company that has been paying your bills for you (not that you haven’t been working hard). It’s a difficult time, not to mention stressful.

And so, you may find employees who are planning to quit become combative. Almost looking to start an argument or finding an easy way out of the company. A reason to quit.
With all of this being said, there is good news! There are plenty of ways to reduce turnover and keep your employees happy. For starters, treat employees the way you would want to be treated if you worked for someone. Always be respectful, understanding, and provide a healthy work place. For more ways to reduce turnover, read our blog post here.