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A Guide for Employee Concerns Regarding Insurance Programs

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A Guide for Employee Concerns Regarding Insurance Programs

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Feb 18 2015

Many employees do not know too much about their employer insurance programs. There are several underlying concerns that many employees have about what benefits their employers offer. When choosing what insurance program is best for the employee and their family, the process can be very confusing.

Here are several concerns employees may have when it comes to employee benefits programs:

Automatic enrollment. Even though the benefits plan an employee may have chosen last year was great, it may not be the best solution for them for this year. Situations change, maybe the employee had a baby or a family member needs ongoing medical coverage due to a new diagnosis, either way the employee can automatically be reenrolled, but their plans needs to be reviewed every year to see if the plan still meets their medical needs.

Insurance Competitors. Not all insurance have the same plans. Many insurance companies do not cover everything under medical coverage. An employee should find out what is available through various insurance providers and see what works best for them.

Comparison of costs. A big factor with choosing medical coverage is cost. Employees with families want to save money, so the first thing that runs through their mind is “how much is this going to cost me?” An employee needs to know that just because the plan has the lowest cost, doesn’t mean that they will get the coverage they need.

High Deductibles. Many employees don’t realize choosing a plan with the lowest costs, means paying higher deductibles. However, there are a lot of programs that do offer reimbursement programs.

Network Providers. Many health plans offer a variety of doctors employees can visit if they are in need of medical treatment. It is crucial employees know that using an in-network provider will save them money.

Prescription Drugs. With treatment comes the potential need for prescriptions drugs. Medical plans costs enough, but a concern for many employees is will their prescriptions be covered.

Communicating each important element to employees when they are choosing medical coverage is an extreme necessity for employees to understand what’s available to them and their families. Important concerns about costs and coverage should be made transparent to make the choice easier for employees.