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About Payroll Data Processing

Businesses today are faced with increasingly complex employee and employer related matters. Health insurance, workers’ compensation, payroll, tax compliance, unemployment claims, COBRA and a host a new regulations for just being in business to name a few. Who can you trust to navigate through the complicated web of being an employer?

Payroll Data Processing can handle all of your company’s employer and employee administrative needs. Our professional staff partners with the country’s premiere insurance companies to provide you with human resources expertise, payroll and tax filing services and pay-as-you-go insurance programs, including:

•   Payroll Processing and Administration
•   Tax Filing for all your Federal, State and Local needs
•   Workers’ Compensation Insurance and an array of employer and employee insurance programs on our pay-as-you-go remittance program
•   Employee Benefit Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, HSAs and more
•   Benefit Administration, employee self-service technology
•   Human Resources expertise on call, when you need it and how you want it




What makes us unique?

Payroll Data Processing’s professionals work side by side with the leading insurance agencies in your market to offer their clients a host of insurance programs that fit your business.  Our most popular program is our Worker’s Comp pay-as-you-go remittance program. That allows you to remit your workers’ compensation premium, with your tax liability. You no longer need to put up a large deposit or deal with end of the policy period audits and additional premium surprises. Great for companies to help manage their cash flow.


We handle it all, so you can focus on “running your business”…

Payroll Data Processing was designed exclusively for independent insurance agencies and their clients. We handle all employer-related administrative activities so that you can focus on managing your business.

Payroll processing, tax filing, benefit administration, HR compliance and workers’ compensation are just a few of the services Payroll Data Processing provides its customers.

Our extremely popular pay-as-you-go insurance programs allow you to pay for all your employer liability as you fund your payroll. This means your employer liability is paid in full, through your last pay period. Payroll Data Processing also handles all of your employer taxes, including federal, state and local tax compliance and remittance – a tremendous value for businesses managing their cash flow.

Traditional workers’ compensation insurance premiums are paid on estimated payroll figures determined prior to the policy period. In other words, premiums are based on a “best guess” approach without regard to seasonal fluctuations, industry down turns or other unforeseeable events. The premium remains constant throughout the policy period excluding experience modifications or rate changes caused by uncommon anniversary rating dates. Premiums are reconciled or “trued up” after the Final Premium Audit is performed either directly by the insuring carrier or a third party auditing firm. The Final Premium Audit or (FPA) most often results in additional premium owed to the carrier

We get you the best plans by working directly with our insurance partners on your behalf. We find you the best pay-as-you-go employer-related insurance programs, including Workers’ Compensation programs, General Liability policies and Business Owner Protection programs.


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