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Why You Should Give Small, Frequent Bonuses

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Though it may sound surprising, money doesn’t top of the list of things employees need from a company to know that they’re appreciated. Instead employees look for qualities in a company such as respect, appreciation, freedom, creativity and flexibility. But at the same time, money still plays a pretty big…

Multi-State Minimum Wage Increases

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The following States will increase minimum wage rates:   Minimum Wage Rates Increases State From To Effective Date Arizona $7.80 $7.90 01/01/2014 $4.80 (For Tipped Employees) $4.90 California $8.00 $9.00 *07/01/2014                    Connecticut $8.25 $8.70 01/01/2014 Florida $7.79 $7.93 01/01/2014 $4.77 (For…

The Importance of Active Listening

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No matter what your position in the company might be active listening will always be an important part of your job. By becoming a good listener you’re more inclined to have people like you, and to have others find you influential in their life. Because after all, if you’re taking…

5 Ways to Tell An Employee is About to Quit

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When an employee is happy with their job, it is rather obvious. They will appear to be friendly, hard-working, they’ll meet deadline, and even strive to take on extra opportunities at work. And just as obvious as a happy employee, is one that might be contemplating quitting their job. Though,…

Don’t Let Holidays Slow Productivity

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With so many holidays happening towards the end of the year the workplace may turn into a stressed and frantic place with employees scrambling to meet yearly deadlines, not to mention the usual holiday stresses that are taking place at home. But it’s important that during this stressful time of…

Spice Up Your Job Descriptions

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Spending the hours of sifting and organizing each and every resume receive for a job opening can be exhausting, and rather repetitive. As you search you’re going through thousands of similar resumes, and yet you’re trying to find the one person that seems to be a perfect fit for your…