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Common Issues that Limit Productivity in the Workplace

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Common Issues that Limit Productivity in the Workplace

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Sep 18 2014

There are many elements to running a company, but most companies are stuck in repetition and boring ways. There are a lot of unexplored strategies for better management and communication to maximize your productivity in the workplace that most employers are aware of, but do not follow through.

The biggest issue in the workplace is the failure to appreciate modifications. It’s hard for an employer that has been managing a company for several years to change- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The business world is evolving and changing- welcome to a new era! To succeed a company must have to learn to accept and adapt to the changes- and that mindset starts with you- the employer! Your employees are hired to bring interesting, new ideas to the company. Why not embrace them? Especially, those that make sense.

  • Appreciate new ideas- Have a “what if” board to resolve future problems that may arise.
  • Let go of control- Expanding and opening your mind can promote opportunity for positive change.
  • Listen more than talk- You can hear a lot more reasoning for change and ideas if you exercise active listening.

No doubt meetings are an important aspect of the job, however, the more meetings you host during business hours, the less work gets finished. Meetings can be repetitive, to put it bluntly, right out boring!

  • Host a meeting somewhere other than the office- Surprise your employees by having a meeting outside the four walls where it generally takes place. See how excited your employees become about the meeting!
  • Get employees involved- Occupying their minds minimizes them doodling and napping.
  • Bring new information- If you present the same unresolved information as the last meeting it just proves meetings are a waste of time.

Meetings are offer a time for you stand out- your five minutes of fame! Take time to get prepared.

  • Design a plan- Find out the company goals and suggest ways to reach them.
  • Logical information- Employers thrive on facts and figures- it just makes sense. If you come to a meeting without numbers you may as well pack it up.
  • Solutions- For every problem there is a solution. If you conducted the research to prepare for your meeting and acquired the necessary information for what it’s about, then you already know what the problems are. Brainstorm suggestions on how to resolve them. Show your employer you can take control and fix company issues that everyone else is afraid of!

Be the motivator to encourage change. Surprise your employees. Show them you are not always a stick in the mud. Employees love outgoing, fun bosses. Listen, plan, and change!