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Constructing a Fun Workplace


Constructing a Fun Workplace

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Aug 28 2014

Face it- being in the same environment for eight hours a day five days a week can become pretty boring and repetitive- of course you don’t want to say that out loud. You, the employer, are probably pretty aware of that. Why not surprise your employees and redesign your workplace with a hip, new edge. There many ways you can implement fun at the office with a few simple techniques.

Motivate Your Employees

It’s hard enough getting up at 6a.m., getting the children ready for school, working all day, then come home around 5:30 p.m. do daily chores and having to cook dinner. An employee is less likely to dread coming to the office when they have a boss that appreciates and motivates them.

  • Allow your employees to listen to music.
  • Put up some motivational posters.
  • Include leadership quotes in email signatures.
  • Say Thank You to your employees often.
  • Recognize accomplishments.

Encourage Team Building and Fun

Team building allows better communication and stronger bonds between employees. I was taught you don’t stop having fun because you grow old; you grow old because you stop having fun! The workplace extremely cliché, why not allow them to bring their inner child sometimes to work?

  • Allow employees to play paper football while waiting for meetings to start.
  • Don’t judge them when you see them on camera dancing in the elevator.
  • How about playing typing games every now and then to get them better at typing, if their jobs requires it!
  • Create a mural for employees to share their kids’ artistic abilities.
  • Have holiday parties.

Get the Community Involved

Getting the community involved can help your company get recognized, which can only be a benefit for your business. Yes, spending money on community events can cost a few dollars but people will see you as a friendly and down to earth person that cares.

  • Host a talent show and let others get involve.
  • Have a community bar-b-que at a local park.
  • Volunteer to help others in the community.

Allowing employees to express their fun side that they rarely get to show will allow them to bring back a part of them they may have forgotten. It will help them feel more relaxed at work knowing they can totally be themselves. Having a less stressed environment will also help increase productivity.