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How to Fire An Employee


How to Fire An Employee

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Jan 21 2014

There are many wrong ways to fire an employee, not that firing someone is ever a good or easy thing to do. But like all difficult things there is a way to “best” handle the situation. Here are a few tips on the right way to fire an employee:

Think Through the Choice

Sometimes there are situations that absolutely irate an employer to the point where they want to immediately fire an employee. But truly this isn’t fair to the company or the employee. When making a decision like firing someone it needs to be thought out and certain. We’re all human and we all make mistakes- that doesn’t make us bad employees that deserve to lose our jobs.

Plan What to Say

No matter how badly you want an employee out of your hair it’s still an emotional experience having to be the one that takes away one’s job. So be prepared on what to say. The chances are the person knows why they are being let go (assuming you’ve been doing your job correctly and doing annual reports with them). Be gentle with your words and try not to speak too much unless you are answering questions.

Choose the Right Time and Place

As a general rule you want to do most, if not all firings on a Friday. Why, you ask? Well you don’t want to embarrass the employee more than they will already be. And how rude having them collect their belongings in front of everyone on their way out the door. You want them to know that they can swing by Saturday morning and you will meet them so they can collect their belongings. Also, you want to fire employees in a private area. This is the respectful and professional way to go about the process. However, you don’t want to be alone.

Always Have a Witness

It’s important when you’re firing someone that you’re courteous of their feelings and personal rights. However, it’s also important that you cover yourself during the firing in case something goes wrong. You always want a witness with you when you’re letting someone go. This prevents the possibility of that employee lying about what was said in complete privacy and next thing you know it’s your word against theirs in a courtroom.

Though you can’t get rid of the stress and emotional experience of firing an employee you can at least be sure you’ve done the most you can to be respectful and professional along the way. And even though the person you’re firing will be angry or hurt they will certainly be thankful that you handled the situation according to the above tips.