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Leadership Tips for HR Pros from a CEO Perspective

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Leadership Tips for HR Pros from a CEO Perspective

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Oct 04 2013


HR leaders must serve as change agents to drive human capital performance and compliance with regulations through the use of best practice solutions. So what approaches should individuals take to become world-class leaders in HR? Try advocacy, alignment and development.

Advocate for results that are going to add value to both operational and human capital goals by:

Focusing on business results as the value you want the adoption of your process to create. Value is defined by what is relative to your Clients’ needs and what they are willing to pay in order to meet those needs.

Measuring and benchmarking everything related to that value to ensure that needs are met, perceived to be accomplished or to determine what needs are changing.

Encouraging an environment that allows for situational leadership. Recognize and place value on the strengths of your people and leverage these strengths to foster employee engagement and drive self-directed career progression.

Align organizational and human capital needs in ways that makes sense for everyone involved through:

Compensation that is driven by performance results and competency/development.

Development of corporate strategy that is effective for the specific nature of your business and the unique environment you operate in.

Execution of strategic initiatives that will produce results within 90-days and target goals that can be achieved within one year. This short-term focus maintains appropriate momentum and avoids outdated or unrealistic outcomes.

Foster an environment for organizational development by:

Constantly refining required competencies with company values to best fit human capital and organizational needs.

Develop every position as if it is a professional discipline.


Henry C. Hardin, III
Founder & CEO, President of SCI Companies

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