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Meetings and Communication in the Workplace

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Meetings and Communication in the Workplace

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Sep 04 2014

We all are aware that meetings are a necessity when running a business. However, there are many ways workplace productivity is compromised that employers are unaware of. The most compromising issue is the time actually spent in meetings. In this article you will learn some ways to maximize productivity and minimize your time in meetings.

Get prepared

First and foremost, host a meeting when it is needed. If you are part of the business world you already know that you are falling behind in your workload before the meeting even takes place because you are taking the time out to attend, making your day unproductive.

Know your goals-

What is the point of the meeting?

What do you need to accomplish your goals?

What do you expect from your employees during this course of action?

The meeting will be more successful if you are prepared. Gather materials and create an outline to follow during the meeting. Offer materials to the people you want to attend, at least a week in advance, before the meeting takes place so they can also be better prepared. Mapping out your guideline will allow you to minimize the time for the meeting. Come up with a way employees can have access to the information after the meeting, as well.

Get your employees involved

Employers know meetings can be very boring- employees start daydreaming or even fall asleep! Ugh, frustrating! Make your meetings creative by initiating employee engagement- white boards, videos, images, handouts, etc. Make meetings fun, get hands on! Huddle together!

Communicate with your employees

Although face-to-face interaction is still needed most businesses rely on emails. Some issues can be solved by a quick phone call but employees use emails for everything which can be a huge time waster. Your employees are busy trying to meet deadlines, if you expect an answer right away use the phone. If you send daily emails, use a schedule to send them out.