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Neglecting the Hiring Process Could be a Costly Mistake for the Workplace


Neglecting the Hiring Process Could be a Costly Mistake for the Workplace

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Mar 12 2015

Finding the right candidate for a position within your workplace is a daunting task. Too often, many hiring managers are in too much of a hurry trying to fill available positions and not focusing on the most important element: the hiring process.

Trying to fill important roles as quickly as possible is understandable, however, skimping out on certain areas of the hiring process could lead to costly mistakes.

Here are a few things hiring managers should never neglect during the hiring process:

Neglecting Drug Free Policy: If your establishment requires an applicant to take a drug test, regardless of who it is (i.e. a close friend or family member), then it should be instructed. Even though your candidate may possess all the required skills and experience for the position, if the candidate takes the drug test and fails, like any other potential candidates, they should not be hired. Hiring an employee in a drug free workplace could increase mistakes and compromise the safety of other employees.

Neglecting Candidates because of Social Media: In today’s workplace, many hiring managers are resorting to screening potential candidates on social media platforms. The likelihood of seeing your candidate on a cruise in the Bahamas having a few cocktails is probable, but that doesn’t mean they will be an unreliable worker. Basing your decision to hire, because a candidate had a fun vacation can be a careless mistake.

Neglecting to Authenticate Documentation: Many times candidates will do anything to land their dream job, even if it means falsifying information on their resume. Hiring managers need to make sure the provided information is true before hiring a potential candidate. Making sure the candidate’s previous employment, skills, and education could be a crucial part to the available position. You don’t want a candidate that was previously a cashier operating a forklift if they don’t possess the necessary skills to follow through.

Neglecting important elements in the hiring process could cost your company a lot of time and money. Making sure all precautions are taken the first time around will prevent a lot of costly mistakes.

What strategies do you take as a hiring manager to make sure you are finding the right candidates for the workplace?