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Open Communication is a Huge Dilemma in the Workplace

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Open Communication is a Huge Dilemma in the Workplace

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Apr 22 2015

It may be a big surprise to employers, but employees expect open communication in the workplace and, unfortunately, they aren’t getting it. It isn’t very often you will find an employee that says their workplaces have open communication, while, most workplaces encourage feedback, but never actually do anything with the feedback received.

Here are some other issues that employees are complaining about when it comes to open communication:

  • Employers are too busy
  • Employees aren’t getting two-way communication
  • Not enough directions
  • Not enough clarity

One of the biggest issues with communication in the workplaces is generation gaps – no surprise there!


  • The younger generation prefers technology based communication
  • The older generation has been around a while, so, they have no problem, bluntly, criticizing others and are said to be “behind with the times”.

How can employers resolve communication problems in the workplace?


Place comment boxes around the workplace, so, employees can submit anonymous feedback.

Having a portal to where employees can log in, ask questions and receive answers.

What does your workplace do to encourage open communication in the workplace?