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Payroll Cards

Our Payroll Debit Card is a reloadable debit card funded each pay period with the employee’s payroll

Payroll Data Processing has partnered with SOLE Financial to extend our clients a payroll card solution. If you are issuing a significant amount of paper checks, or would like a simple way to go paperless, please take advantage of this no-cost service.

The SOLE Paycard allows your unbanked employees to avoid the fees associated with check cashing and money order services. The card also comes with a mobile app and an online account that allows your employees to manage their finances.

Benefits include:

  • Employees can customize their Paycard with their favorite photo – they can even use a selfie!
  • Paychecks are directly deposited onto your employees Paycard on payday.
  • Employees can check their balance via text or on the mobile app and pay bills online!
  • Employees can use their Paycard at restaurants, shops, inside of gas stations, grocery stores and online.
  • When the Paycard is run as debit, employees can get cash back at no cost.

*Fees may apply, see Cardholder Agreement for a full list of fees.


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