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Recognizing your Own Negative Attributes: A Note to Employers


Recognizing your Own Negative Attributes: A Note to Employers

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Oct 13 2014

As an employer, you already know what it takes to be a great manager. Your employees love you, you’re fun! You’re awesome. You get the job done. Even though you possess all these wonderful traits have you ever had an employee just walk out the door without any notice on a day that you weren’t so “cool”. Sometimes employers don’t realize that they have bad traits too- maybe they aren’t as obvious to you as they are to your employees.

What are some reasons that your employees will leave because of you?

Are you hiding important information from your employees?
• Deadlines?
• New Changes?
• Company policies?
• Additional projects?

Is it your way or the highway?
• Utilize employee’s thoughts and ideas?
• Encourage employees to have a voice?
• Give credit to employees after implementing their ideas?

Do you know how to balance managing and friendship?
• Offer criticism to employees?
• Support employees?
• Relay bad news?
• Respect your employees?
• Approachable?
• Show favoritism?

Do you promote employee independence or micromanage your employees?
• Can your employees to think for themselves?
• Do you allow employees to work amongst each other instead of hovering?

As an employer, it is your job to hire qualified employees, why hire them if you do not respect them, nor keep them up-to-date, or fail to provide them with an unbiased, cultured workplace. Why hire employees to do your work if you do not trust them enough to handle i? Keeping your employees happy is the number one key to having a successful workplace. Step away from your power trip for a moment and take an alternative approach to supervising your employees.