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Social Recruiting


Social Recruiting

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Dec 31 2013

As time moves forward social recruiting seems to be more and more popular, and possibly even more effective.

In 2011 a research study tested the number of candidates applying for a job and how they found the job opening. Majority of visitors found the job postings on corporate websites but social media followed closely behind. Nearly 61% of social media visits and 95% of social media applications were in the first 7 days of a job being advertised due to the active alerts received. Nearly 58% of applications received by recruiters were from social media links and these ways of recruiting are the most cost effective for companies.

And since this study social recruiting has become even more popular as nearly 94% of 1,500 companies surveyed responded that they are already using social recruiting to increase their investment in candidate recruitment in these channels by 73%.

This newer idea of social recruiting is being embraced by companies everywhere because it provides a better ROI and it’s simply where all the right candidates are! Candidates respond to social recruiting because it’s their preferred method of seeking information. The biggest frustration for many is the issue of never knowing compensation information, or what to expect for the next step- online job openings usually contain all of this information plus much more including necessary skills, and areas to attach resumes, cover letters, etc.

Companies that really work hard to do social recruiting the right way will reap the benefits, especially financially. Along with this they will be able to find the most informed candidates that also seem to be tech savvy in at least some way, and who are willing to use the resources around them.

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