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IRS and Taxpayers Stolen Identities: What They Didn’t Tell You

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August 30, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration revealed to the public that 1.1 million taxpayers identities have been stolen. These 1.1 million stolen identities of Americans were their Social Security numbers that have been stolen over a five-year period in “employment-related identity theft.” This theft is associated with…

Don’t Be A Boss, Be A Leader

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Every once in awhile it’s good for managers to take a step back and examine their leadership style. This allows you to see what’s been effective for your workplace as well as what aspects you could improve on. While a boss is technically someone that supervises employees, this doesn’t necessarily…

Body Language: Mastering the Art of Powerful Postures

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Researchers from Columbia University and Harvard University have found a link among powerful leaders besides pure charisma. The connecting factor is their use of powerful body postures to convey authority. So how does posture relate to power and authority? A study titled Power Posing: Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels…