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The Importance of Employee Training and Development

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Companies are wary of training their employees. The fear for many companies is that they spend time and money developing people, only to see them take those newly acquired skills to another company. Studies show that this is not the case. Training actually can increase employee retention, when the training…

Business Reaching Across the Pond and the Brexit Situation

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Your business deals may be affected by the latest news following the Brexit situation in England. But that doesn’t mean you should not do business with them altogether. Here’s what you need to know when thinking of expanding your business on an international level. Since Brexit, most finance companies such…

What Is 20% Time And Does It Actually Work?

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Mega companies like Google are famous for their success and as such everyone wants to know what kind of techniques they use that contribute to that success. One technique that Google has shared is their philosophy of “20% time.” HR professionals and managers are curious about this method and whether…

Boosting Employee Engagement with Technology

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A good salary and benefits plan aren’t enough to keep your employees around. For today’s businesses, employee engagement is the name of the game. People thrive in environments where they feel motivated and engaged, and this is especially true for the workplace. A great way for HR professionals and managers…

Management Practices to Avoid

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Managers and HR professionals are the backbone of the office. You keep the ship afloat and guide the rest of the team toward success. There’s a lot of information out there about what kind of things you should be doing as you continue to grow in position as a workplace…

Traits That Make Great Workplace Leaders

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There’s a reason why Facebook has been so massively successful and continues to hold the top position as the world’s leading social media giant. They’ve recently released a glimpse into a major contributing factor to their success. Facebook set out to discover what traits their best managers and HR professionals…