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The Importance of Employee Training and Development

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Companies are wary of training their employees. The fear for many companies is that they spend time and money developing people, only to see them take those newly acquired skills to another company. Studies show that this is not the case. Training actually can increase employee retention, when the training…

IRS and Taxpayers Stolen Identities: What They Didn’t Tell You

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August 30, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration revealed to the public that 1.1 million taxpayers identities have been stolen. These 1.1 million stolen identities of Americans were their Social Security numbers that have been stolen over a five-year period in “employment-related identity theft.” This theft is associated with…

The Benefits of Bimonthly Reviews for HR

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Let’s be honest, no one likes annual performance reviews, whether you’re the one receiving them or giving them. Performance reviews are very necessary for the HR department, however. It’s always a good idea to have documentation regarding an employee’s work should you have to provide that documentation in a legal…

Why Won’t Employees in the Workplace Listen to Me?

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Employees don’t always follow directions what told to do something from their superiors. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it isn’t. There is a fine line between bad attitudes and being rebellious. Is this grounds for firing someone? Well, that depends. Is it repeated behavior? What causes rebellious behavior in the workplace…

Keep Employees Ecstatic by Including Happy Thoughts

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We know that people don’t leave bad companies; they leave their manager or current situation. So as the team leader, you have the power to engage and retain staff. The members of your team can be your greatest promoters when they believe that you are working to make them more…

Engaging Employees Through Performance Evaluation Communication

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As a practitioner of labor and employment law, I understand the benefits of engaging employees with both written and verbal feedback to address goals, performance, expectations and behavior. “Put it in writing” is the advice I provide to my clients for addressing both positive and negative performance and behaviors. As…