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The Good News About The New Overtime Rule

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The DOL has released a new rule regarding overtime. And yes, it will cause extra headaches for businesses and the managers and HR professionals responsible for keeping them afloat. But when you consider the original proposal, the final rule we’ve got now actually has some good news. Of course, no…

What The ADA Has To Say About Working Overtime

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Sure, no one likes overtime but sometimes it’s unavoidable. But what happens when an employee can’t work overtime due to a medical condition? A recent ruling has gotten HR professionals and managers thinking long and hard about how they handle overtime. In the case, a former employee had a disability…

The Never Ending Confusion over FLSA

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To this day, you see articles were companies are compelled to pay back wages over the simple misinterpretation of paying overtime. The Fair Labor Standard Act is probably the most miss understood labor laws. Or is it? Many companies, especially in the early stages tend to believe they can pay…

Calculating Overtime Pay

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Many employers find it difficult to accurately calculate overtime due to complex calculations and changing regulations. The burden falls on the employer to properly classify an employee (as exempt or non-exempt) and provide compensation in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to the Wage and Hour Division…

Reasons Not to Hire an Unpaid Intern

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First and foremost, you’re taking a huge risk by hiring an unpaid intern. More recently there have been unpaid interns suing large corporations, for well, let’s say a lot of money. Millions. Their claim, you ask? Well, when you have an unpaid intern they are only in the work place…