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How to Avoid Peer Interview Mistakes

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Finding new talent that fits in with your company’s culture can be difficult. Peer interviews have become a common hiring practice, and an important part of determining whether a candidate is right for the position and the culture. However, there are some pitfalls of peer interviews. So how do you…

IRS and Taxpayers Stolen Identities: What They Didn’t Tell You

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August 30, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration revealed to the public that 1.1 million taxpayers identities have been stolen. These 1.1 million stolen identities of Americans were their Social Security numbers that have been stolen over a five-year period in “employment-related identity theft.” This theft is associated with…

Mistakes New Workplace Leaders Should Avoid

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Workplace leaders such as managers and HR professionals are crucial to keeping the business afloat and keeping employees engaged and productive. That’s why it’s extremely important for new workplace leaders to start off on the right foot. Here are some common mistakes that a lot of rookie managers and HR…

Answering Open Enrollment Questions for Your Employees

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It’s that time of year again. It’s time for the holidays and for a new period of open enrollment for healthcare. HR professionals and managers are bracing themselves to answer a lot of open enrollment questions for their employees if they haven’t already been doing so. There are a few…

Mental Health: The Desire to Help Employees

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Workplace mental health issues are staggering this year and costs have surged. Employers should not be ignoring mental health in the workplace for several reasons, the main one being prevention of lawsuits, but more reasons include: Workplace safety for those who have disorders Company name will be flawed if mental…