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How to Create a Healthy Competition for Your Team

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Healthy competition can help make your employees more productive, engaged and energized. A competitive environment leaves no room for laziness or mediocrity. Work competitions are a healthy way to encourage collaboration to achieve a common goal. A properly planned competition can have a positive effect on motivation and engagement. How…

Tips on Choosing Perks for your Employees

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Many offices are adding special perks for their employees, and to attract top talent. Companies are looking for perks that benefit their employees, and choosing the right perks is important. There are many special benefits that can be implemented in your company. Here are a few things to keep in…

Essential Policy Updates for Your Employee Handbook

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It’s important to review, revise, and recirculate the employee handbook every year. Federal, state or city regulations change year to year. Regular review of company policy prevents them from becoming outdated and leaving your business vulnerable to expensive litigation. Here are policies that should be reviewed in your employee handbook….

Resolving Conflict From Gossip in the Workplace

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Employees talking and gossiping is a natural part of the work day. Unfortunately, conflict can arise from gossiping in the work place. If gossip affects productivity or is affecting other employees, it needs to be addressed. It’s up to both employer and employee to prevent, and resolve these issues when…

6 Types of Insurance Coverage That Every Business Needs

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Insurance can shield your business from unexpected events. Some risks can be mitigated or eliminated, but insurance coverage is needed to survive a significant natural disaster, employee or customer injury or product failure. The right mix of coverage can ensure your company is protected against these incidents and damages. Here…

How to be Prepare for Cold and Flu Season in the Office

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Cold and flu season is a challenge for employers. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and March and can last as late as May. There are some basic precautions that can protect your workers during the flu season. Offer…

How to Plan a Stress-free Gift Exchange

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Gift-giving is a part of the holiday season, but participating in an office gift exchange can be tricky. As a manager, you want to make it smooth and fun for all your employees. Simple planning can make it stress free for everyone while making it fun and exciting. Set spending…

5 Steps to Motivating Employees

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Employee’s motivation is influenced by his or her manager. More than half of people who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their boss. Organizations know engaged employees perform better; when they are not, the bottom line suffers. Smart companies make certain their managers know how to…

Why Are Your Star Employees Quitting

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HR professionals and managers know that employees leave their jobs for numerous reasons. Sometimes big life changes, like moving to a different city, getting into a new field, or staying home with the family, make it impossible for the employee to stay even if they love their job. These situations…