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The Positive Effects Of Mobile HR In The Workplace

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The Positive Effects Of Mobile HR In The Workplace

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Jun 12 2016

Almost everything has gone mobile these days, even human resources management. Recent studies have shown that HR applications are now twice as likely to be accessed on smartphones rather than on computers. As such, it makes sense that mobile HR is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. What are HR professionals and managers to make of this new trend? Here are just some of the ways that mobile HR is having a positive impact on the workplace and why managers and HR professionals may want to consider integrating it into their toolbox of HR solutions.

Believe it or not, but mobile HR can actually make employees more productive. A recent study conducted by Sierra Cedar states that mobile access to HR increases the adoption rate of self-service applications, going up from 41 percent to 66 percent. That’s certainly a nice little jump. This study also revealed another important figure that managers and HR professionals will want to take note of. According to Sierra Cedar’s study, companies that have a higher self-service adoption rate can actually serve 10 percent more employees than companies without these mobile options. This could be a huge advantage for HR professionals and managers that want to hire more employees as the business grows.

Another great perk to be found with mobile HR is the fact that mobile access improves employee experience. HR professionals and managers are constantly striving to find new ways of keep employees happy and engaged, both to keep their productivity levels up and to drive down turnover. Mobile HR allows employees to have direct access to the information they want and need, including benefits information and paychecks. They can even request time off from their smartphone with a mobile HR app. This is great for employees, providing them with ease and convenience. But it’s also great for managers and HR professionals. When employees can handle these things directly through mobile HR, you can get back to other tasks and projects. Mobile HR provides win-win solutions.

This is something that may not be obvious right away, but mobile HR solutions actually increase the return on investment on the company’s technology investments. Other technology investments are becoming more relevant for employees, managers, and HR professionals who are on the front-line, all because of the increased mobile access to self-service applications. Utilizing mobile HR solutions and other self-service applications boosts user experience, which typically leads to a positive cycle of adopting new technology.

HR professionals and managers may be uncertain about how to actually get started with mobile HR in their workplace. As with any new program or initiative, a thorough plan for implementing mobile HR that encourages communication and learning with all departments is a must. Show employees how it works and answer questions as they come up, but before long they’ll be running the show on their own. Asking for employee feedback is also a great way to help managers and HR professionals streamline the process and work out any bumps along the way.