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Tips on Choosing Perks for your Employees

Tips on Choosing Perks for your Employees

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Aug 07 2017

Many offices are adding special perks for their employees, and to attract top talent. Companies are looking for perks that benefit their employees, and choosing the right perks is important. There are many special benefits that can be implemented in your company. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are deciding on the best perks for your team.

Get management and employees on-board

Managers and employees should generally agree on what they want. Ask your employees for ideas. Research on what competitors are offering to their employees. Narrow down the list of items, and choose the most important ones to implement. If managers disagree on what to offer, consider their objections carefully. Are their concerns related to safety, comfort, productivity or cost? Narrowing down the ideas, and addressing any concerns can ensure everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Examine the reasons

Talent is more scarce than ever, especially good talent. Many companies are out-perking each other to gain an edge. Also, employee perks are good for retention, which is an important issue. These questions should be answered before you decide on the right perks for your company. Are you trying to create a nurturing culture of creativity, reduce stress, lower turnover or boost employee morale? Are your competitors offering similar perks? Knowing these answers will guide you in choosing perks that will fit well in your company, and give your employees the most benefit.

Provide options

It’s important to consider what your employees want, and what will benefit them the most. These are common perks companies are offering.

  • A TV, a game system, or foosball table to remind employees that they can take time to relax and you support that as an employer.
  • Offer free coffee to keep the creative juices flowing and the employees productive and happy.
  • Offer free fruits to employees. Offering healthy foods lets your employees know you want to help them snack on nutritious foods.
  • Gym memberships. Exercise is the best thing for a happy, and healthy team.
  • An in-office cocktail hour. A Friday in-office cocktail hour can help your team to relax and unwind after the week.
  • Flexible hours. Encourage employees to work hours that will allow them to have a better work life balance.

Group activities

A fun group sport, retreats or a trip to a local museum can bring your team closer. Some employees would enjoy an after-hours company activity, but some employees with other obligations may feel left out. It’s important to make physical activities optional, and to limit activities that occur outside normal work hours.

Keep listening

Keep an open mind and open ears as you implement changes. Listen to employees who bring you concerns or ideas for adjustments. The best decision will always be the one that protects the interests of both your workforce and your business. You should also curtail anything that negatively impacts productivity or causes employee discord.

Creating an environment where employees want to stay is important. Offices that are adding special perks attract top talent, and keep them. There are lots of perks that can benefit your employees, and increase your employees’ happiness. Happy employees work harder, and know they are valued by their company.