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What Google Can Teach Us About Our Employees

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What Google Can Teach Us About Our Employees

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Feb 01 2016

Google is one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world so it stands to reason that we can learn a thing or two from their operation. With Google’s new tool, Google re:Work, which reveals practices and ideas that Google has found most helpful in its success, we can catch a glimpse into the internal workings this massive organization. The Google re:Work tool has some interesting ideas that the HR department and management team of any company can learn from.

Google has emphasized that putting people first is absolutely crucial to their business model. This is certainly very important for HR professionals and managers to keep in mind. It can be very easy to get caught up in the business end of things and forget about the importance of the human touch. Your employees are more than numbers and statistics and sales figures. Google makes it a habit to listen to employees and give them plenty of opportunities to give feedback. This allows managers and HR professionals to really hone in on what’s going on with the team. When you listen to employees and act on their concerns or feedback, you are showing them that they are valuable to you and they’ll feel more motivated to do a standout job.

Another tip from Google that could benefit management teams and HR departments around the world is to trust and empower employees, both in team settings and as individuals. Google’s data has revealed that teams with great workplace leaders were more productive and just generally happier people. Google took this data a step further to see what traits come together in a great leader. Employees reported that the traits they most valued include good communication skills and the ability to build trust and empower others. It can be very frustrating for employees if they feel like you are constantly prying into their cubicles. HR professionals and managers should remember that employees need space, and giving them space will empower them to take ownership of their jobs and forge ahead.

A great way to gain a deeper understanding of your team is through people analytics. This is something that Google is very fond of and has cited as a major component in their success. Using a data-heavy approach like this may seem daunting or even unnecessary to HR professionals and managers, but it does have its perks. By formulating clear and concise questions and polling your team, you can get specific information on various topics involving the workplace. When you have concrete data to work with, it is easier to identify areas that need fixing as well as areas that are working really well. There are many software programs out there that can help you synthesize and analyze the data.

Depending on the size of your company and what kind of market you’re in, not all of Google’s business tactics will suit your needs. However, some of Google’s practices when it comes to employees can be tailored to work for your team.