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What the US Treasury Is Doing to Stock Up On Monetary Supplies and Why It Is A Good Idea

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What the US Treasury Is Doing to Stock Up On Monetary Supplies and Why It Is A Good Idea

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Jul 04 2016

Do you want to earn a slice of $3 billion a year in in money returned to your pocket as a taxpayer? Do you want to retire early and earn a bigger retirement check? All you have to do is nothing and watch the government handle the rest. It is that simple.

According to US News, there are specific economic tests that private producers of coal and natural gas have to do when leasing federal lands for supplies. But so far every test has shown terrible flaws. As of right now our country still runs on coal and natural gas to power our laptops and home phones when approximately 40% of the federal lands have the resources to continue the tools of the trade. But now the government wants to improve those test with improvements to the whole leasing system.

Our country could rebuild the entire Treasury for more people to retire. The only problem is that the government would have to increase the leasing amount of federal lands to private producers of coal and natural gas. But the long term benefits of an increased lease could me more money saved up in the Treasury Department for future retirees.

Here’s how to break down the new test. Every private producer would have to pay more money for the refined minerals they would need to power up the country. Currently only two coal mines are still active in the Wyoming and Montana region of the western US that are owned by the US Government. So when federal lands become more expensive, the revenue hopes to generate a continued interest on non-federal coal coming from Illinois. This could mean more profit on return investments and that means more money.

So would my taxes be affected in this ordeal? No. It could mean more return on your tax investments and more money means more people wanting to pump money into the US Treasury. As it stands, the Treasury does not have any more money to give out to retirees or those living of social security that they have rightfully earned. So by charging more money for leasing of federal lands, we can effectively increase the royalties earned in leasing payments and the royalties in our greenhouse emissions being lowered to a reasonable extent.

The better catch means that more money and more investing of future coal miners. If we could generate $3 billion dollars in taxes and revenue from leasing, workers in the coal mines or those employed in the mining industry can receive a transition-assistance package that cost $35 billion a year for workers and their communities. A transition assistance means that they may be out of the mining business, but if we can cut our fuel emissions of coal and fossil fuels, it could mean that those former miners can move onto better things, like being a wind power or solar power engineer. There is a lot of money in the green energy business.

We may not like it now, but since taxes are not affected, it could mean that we can make more money on better solutions for power investment. Not only can we save our lands, but we can keep them green too.