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Working Part-Time Just Got Cooler: Companies Helping Out Those Seeking Gateway Employment

07.11.16 part-time seekers

Working Part-Time Just Got Cooler: Companies Helping Out Those Seeking Gateway Employment

Posted by Payroll Data Processing in Blog Jul 11 2016

You might think it sounds crazy working part-time from home, but many companies are jumping on that bandwagon so that way working moms can work from the benefits of their computer, college students can work during their schedules and those entering the job market can get a chance to wet their feet. So far there are only 35 companies on the list, but they range in fields such as: education, marketing and healthcare, travel and technology.

If you think working a job at home isn’t right for you, that’s fine. But if you need some help prioritizing your busy life around your work, then this is just right for you. However, you can’t find these jobs on Fiverr or Freelancer, there is a special website made just for those interested in building an opportunity with a company from home. FlexJobs is the newest website for people looking for part-time employment can reap in the benefits of job listings.

By the year 2020, nearly 40% of the workforce will be part-time and working from home. That shouldn’t make you scared in the first place because while plenty of people are looking for full-time employment in the competitive job markets online, there are many people posting to sites that help those seeking for employment opportunities that are not available on most job sites like Indeed or Monster.

So while two thirds of the job market are solely looking for part-time or freelancing work, this website can definitely help you find companies who are looking to fill those positions, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in those positions for a long time. These companies can offer room to grow and room to work with a busy schedule. Finding a job hasn’t been as easy as looking through newspapers and finding the phone number for the company.

What does this mean about finding a job? It means it’s easier to find a solution that can help you build yourself to your feet. Those seeking part-time are interested in committing to a field of work, but they feel as if they are not ready yet for the much longer hours that a 40 hour workweek can fit in. That means while your competitors are looking for a job purely in the interest for money, you can find a job that can help you build your skills and work on things that no one else has achieved in their lifetime: doing what you love.

Seeking employment can be difficult and laborious, but in the end it is worth the chances for interviews and phone calls on making the cut can feel out of reach. FlexJobs is a great companion tool online for finding those opportunities that haven’t come knocking for other people. Staying one step ahead of the competitors can mean a lot to a company whose looking for someone interested in going the distance and achieving their dreams on doing what they love.